26th November – Goliath-X Visual Preview

The Goliath-X is a old-school themed Goliath. It comes with a new ability called Frozen Claw. There is 1 ship and 3 designs/skins available for it during the winter event.


18th November – Obsidian Booty Event Info

This event will begin on November the 21st and end on the 23rd.
Obsidian Keys can be crafted with Scrap, Aurus and Schism. For the duration of the event Schism drops are increased and included in every GG.


13th November – Prometheus Day FAQ / Event Info

A bunch of info about the Prometheus Day event, including UBA rewards, new cosmetics, Prometheus booty box content and mission rewards.
Note: The info on when sales will the sales are is missing, being kept secret by DO.


3rd November – Winter 2016 details
The winter 2016 event will run from 1st December until the 31st.
This event includes:

  • Cross-Server Zones: Refraction Map (Update Preview here)
  • Goliath-X
  • Demaner Hunt Reloaded: Stronger NPC but bigger rewards
  • The Breach (Skoll GG)
  • Shadow Dance: New quest line (probably for the Refraction Zone)
  • Other: Old / New quests, titles, Ice Meteriods etc


30th Octover – Refraction Zone Map Layout

It took a while but I managed to recreate what the refraction zone looks like currently on the test server. I placed it in 2-1 so you get a good idea of how big it is.

28th October – Refraction Zone (Cross-Server Map)
The first bits of information regarding the cross-server zones has started emerging on the test servers. Currently a lot of the things have placeholder texts and images, so there’s probably still a lot of information still to come.

9th October – Dev Post

Some more infomation about the state of the cross-server map/zone development.


6th October – Minor Update Preview
The UBA matchmaking will be changed so that users who are under a certain Gear Score can no longer participate in UBA.
Gear Score is a number given to your ship based on how good your equipment is.

This change has been made to prevent people entering with very little equipment to try and get easier opponents.
The minimum equipment and Gear Score required is unknown.

Release date: Unknown


5th October – Livestream recap

The testing for cross-server maps is underway. Developers stream an hour of the map while answering questions from chat.